Museum of The American Railroad Phase I & II

Location: Frisco, Texas

  • Site plan alternative layouts for a 12.5 acre site in Frisco, TX
  • Preliminary, design & construction phase services for Phase I & II
  • Site improvements, grading, storm drainage, utilities, fencing and 3,800 feet of rail track including connection to BNSF Railroad


Musket Fort Worth Ethanol Terminal Expansion

Location: Fort Worth, Texas


  • Prelim cost estimate & rail site layout at crossing at S. & N. ends of tracks for access by track mobile

  • Design for additional 3rd Truck Loading Bay incl. piping, electrical, security camera, shower  etc

  • Design for additional Track#4 extension incl. piping & hose connections & for on-site gas supply line for conversion from propane at VCU

Carry Transit Sugar Track Addition

Location: Arlington, Texas

  • Design scope included installing new track alignment for cane sugar unloading track and pit for conveyor & additional sucrose mixing tanks.
  • Pavement work & installation of storm drainage system for sugar blend area.

Musket Amarillo Bio-Diesel Transload Facility

Location: Amarillo, Texas


  • Prime Consultant for multi-discipline design team including civil structural & electrical

  • Design and construction administration for rail transload facility modifications tanks, 3D product piping layout & electrical systems

  • Modifications of existing rail site including utilities, parking lot repairs, bio-diesel

Musket Greens Port Ethanol Terminal Expansion

Location: Houston, Texas


  • Prime Consultant for multi-discipline design team including survey,  civil, electrical & mechanical
  • Preliminary, Design and CA services
  • Site grading & concrete paving plans for new left-turn lane and driveway entrance to Federal Road
  • Design storm drainage, water & sanitary sewer services, fencing, truck loading area, containment basin and  rail transload design

TCB Interchange Tracks 1, 5 & 6

Location: Midlothian, Texas


  • Civil design, design surveys & construction administration for 12,500 feet rail Interchange tracks 1, 5 & 6

  • Storm drainage and site grading. Project was performed 3 phases

BNSF/Musket Unit Train Terminal

Location: Fort Worth, Texas


  • Civil design for 37-acre ethanol terminal
  • Railroad design 12,700 feet of track, drainage studies, preliminary storm water management plan including on-site detention, site grading plan, final storm drainage, and water & sanitary sewer utilities 

Carry Transit Rail Transload Facility Phase I & II

Location: Arlington, Texas

  • Preliminary & final civil design and construction administration for 7.5 acre rail transload facility
  • Drainage system design, utilities, truck drives, parking lot, railroad tracks included 6150 feet of rail storage and transload tracks & related improvements

TCB North Rail Loop Tracks 1, 2, 3 & 6 & Truck Drive

Location: Midlothian, Texas


  • Construction administration, civil design & surveying services for truck drive and rail transload facility
  • Drainage studies, preliminary stormwater management plan, site grading, final storm drainage, utilities and 8400 feet of rail lead, transload and storage tracks

Crude Oil Rail Terminal

Location: Barnhart, Texas

  • Prime Consultant for multi-discipline design team including Surveys, MEP & Civil
  • Preliminary design for 25,000 feet of rail and related transload operations, crude storage tanks and truck loading operations 
  • Design and construction administration services for transport truck parking lot

Twin Oaks Power Plant Rail Loop Track
Location: Bremond, Texas

  • Produced construction documents for over 15,000 feet of new rail to serve the Twin Oaks Power Plant in Bremond, Texas
  • The design allowed for a unit train of coal to pull clear of the Union Pacific mainline track, unload and remain clear of the mainline as it waits for departure from the power plant facility

TCB US Polyco Transload Facility

Location: Midlothian, Texas


  • Preliminary, Design & CA Phase Services

  • Produced construction documents for grading plan for Truck Transit Drives, Parking Lot, Rail Transit & Transfer Tracks 1& 2, and Rail Transload Storage Area & Truck Transfer Area

  • Designed rail & turnout installation for approx. 2,000 linear ft track

TCB Lot S Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC)

Location: Midlothian, Texas


  • Provided project administration service and design construction plans
  • Project incl. Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) of 10,600 SY pavement on parking lot and driveways.
  • Design RCC paving for the East-West road north of US Polyco site and the northeastern area off of East-West Road.